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Roll On Perfume Oil - Arabian Spice 10mls


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Arabian Spice With the rich scent of vanilla bean, musk and hints of amber, malt and tonka bean. A great unisex fragrance."

Enjoy a selection of our most popular fragrances as roll-on perfume oils. Signature scents blended with pure, sweet almond oil, you can now wear your favourite fragrance all day long. Available in a 10ml, roll-on glass bottle, these perfume oils are ideal to carry in your bag or purse. No wasted over-spray or skin dehydrating alcohol – just a beautiful oil, applied directly to your pulse points, that lasts hour after hour. Comes packaged in a lovely white cardboard box and makes a gorgeous gift.

Ingredients: 100%Almond oil base, fragranced with blends of pure essential and fine fragranced oils. No artificial colour, water or alcohol added allowing frangrance to hold for hours.